What It Costs

How Much Does A Condar Fireplace Cost?

Prices vary depending upon your specific needs. A price list is available upon request. Or, for a rough estimate, add:

$1,537 for the Replenum Heat Recovery Ventilator
$439 for a 36" Firebox or $616 for a 42" Firebox
Estimate chimney height @ $25/ft (Example: 20 ft chimney = approx. $500)

A Wise InvestmentPlease note: Labor, installation, and exterior finishes are not included in the prices listed above. Additional features such as Glass Fireplace Doors ($180-$200), a Masonry Access Door ($149), or Ventilation Timers ($24-$95) may be added for an additional cost.

Consider The Returns On Your Investment:

Energy Savings: Traditional open fireplaces typically produce a net heat loss for your home when in use, so your furnace or heat pump must expend more energy to maintain a constant temperature.  The Condar Fireplace maximizes the heat from your fire, allowing most homes to actually experience some net heat gain.  Use your Condar Fireplace as frequently as you wish, with no concern for increased energy bills.


Comparable Cost to Traditional HRV Systems: The cost of the average heat recovery ventilator ranges from $2,000 to $2,500.  For a comparable price, you can upgrade to the smart, energy efficient HRV technology utilized by the Condar Fireplace.  By using your fire to heat the fresh makeup air, you get all the benefits of heat recovery ventilation without any increase to your energy usage.  Other HRV systems require some assistance from your furnace or heat pump to deliver fresh heated air to your home.


Reduced Construction Costs: The Condar Fireplace comes pre-built and can be styled to fit virtually any decor.  For example, you can create the appearance of a solid masonry fireplace by constructing a masonry hearth around your Condar Fireplace at only a fraction of the cost of solid masonry.  Depending on your choice of materials, the Condar Fireplace may go a long towards paying for itself at the time of construction.


Prevent Expenses Related to Insufficient Ventilation: Excessive moisture is a common symptom of poor ventilation, which may create a breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites, and bacteria.  Furthermore, gases, biological contaminants, and other pollutants often become trapped in tight modern houses.  Poor indoor air quality may pose health risks for you and your home.  Many of these problems are difficult to remedy after the fact.  By improving the indoor air quality, the Condar Fireplace offers a cost-effective, preemptive solution for the energy efficient home.