Masonry Chase Access Door $149 (net)

Attractive way to provide access to serviceable parts on masonry-enclosed chases. Rust-resistant steel door comes pre-hung on frame. Black matte finish.

Ventilation Timer
$95 (net)

A 24-hour timer that allows the Condar Fireplace to be used for round-the-clock ventilation. Adjustable in 15 minute intervals.

Quick-Start Timer
$ 24 (net)

Allows for up to five minutes of operation of the draft inducer until fire is established sufficiently to engage the heat sensors.
Deluxe Vane
Anemometer $199 (net)

Detachable vane with damper clip allows for both open and closed door chimney flow readings without conversion formulas. Programmable to display actual CFM, CMM, or L/S for both the chimney and outlet ducts.
Simple Vane Anemometer $99 (net)

Hand-held unit to read air velocity. Use with provided charts to determine CFM or L/S of chimney and duct flows when balancing the Replenum.