Condar Thermometers

Condar is the industry's largest producer of woodstove thermometers, with instruments for measuring stovetop temperatures, stovepipe temperatures, flue gas temperatures, and catalytic combustor performance. Condar thermometers are produced for the retail market, as original equipment in other manufactured products and under private label with distribution throughout North America, Europe and Japan. In addition to hearth applications, Condar produces thermometers for the foodservice and barbecue industries.

Condar Catalytic Combustors

Condar has been involved in the manufacture of catalytic combustors almost since their introduction into the hearth industry. In addition to OEM production, the company offers the industry's most complete line of replacement combustors to the aftermarket. In association with catalytic combustors, Condar is the industry's only manufacturer of catalytic monitoring thermometers, sold to both OEM and retail channels.

ASV-90 Air Supply Ventilator

The ASV0-90 was introduced in 1997 to answer growing concerns over indoor air quality and house pressure problems related to hearth products. The ASV-90 can help to reduce spillage of combustion products from vented systems, replace oxygen and reduce pollutants from vent free systems, and generally improve indoor air quality by strategically introducing fresh air into the home. The ASV has quickly gained wide popularity and is distributed nationwide by wholesale distributors.

TuffDuck Carry-Alls

Condar's popular TuffDuck Carry-Alls are the most rugged line of wood carriers available. Available in three colors and two sizes, these baskets and slings won't mildew, rot, rip or tear. In addition to the hearth industry, these durable totes are sold in the garden and hardware industries.