The Replenum Heat Recovery Ventilator is the key to the Condar Fireplace. By integrating heat recovery with balanced ventilation, Condar's patented HRV technology addresses the two most common complaints about the traditional open fireplace: heat loss and poor indoor air quality.

The Condar Fireplace replenishes your home with fresh, heated makeup air — and provides a counterbalance for the stale room air exhausted through the chimney. In addition to a net energy gain, you benefit from additional ventilation, which is so desperately needed in tightly built modern houses.

How It Works

Once installed, your Condar Fireplace is fully automatic. All you have to do is build the fire, and the Replenum does the rest. And the Replenum's powerful induction fan even makes it easier to ignite the wood. Cold temperatures are no obstacle for the Condar Fireplace. With the Replenum, you get brisk fires and smokeless performance every time.

A heat sensor starts the ventilator when you light your fire. This triggers a system of dual convection fans to bring filtered outside air into the Replenum through an intake vent. Inside the Replenum, the fresh air is heated by a welded stainless steel finned heat exchanger that captures heat from your fire — heat that is wasted in traditional open fireplaces. In doing so, the Replenum maximizes the energy produced by your fire by using it to heat the fresh makeup air, which is then delivered to your home via an interior vent.

Additional sensors allow the dual fan system to adjust speeds in response to the exhaust heat produced in your fireplace, balancing the outflow with an equal amount of fresh makeup air. When the fire is out, the Replenum automatically shuts off. You enjoy all the benefits of the traditional wood-burning fireplace, along with heat and improved air quality.

A Wood-Burning Fireplace
For The New Millennium

For the first time, the Replenum makes it possible for an open fireplace to be an energy asset for your home. This important innovation in fireplace technology has effectively transformed a heat loss relic into a balanced ventilation and heat recovery machine. We believe you will agree the Condar Fireplace is the ideal choice for a healthy, energy efficient modern home.