Condar Fireplace Design

The attractive appearance of the Condar Fireplace reflects the precise attention to detail inherent in its design. And with the option of finishing (brick, stone, tile, etc) up to the opening, your Condar Fireplace can be adapted to fit any style.

Additional Features

• Wide brick-to-brick opening measurements offer a full view of the fire

• Spring-loaded flue damper (controlled by a convenient external lever) provides easy operation and ensures tight closure

• Flush-face firebox may be hidden with finishing, creating the appearance of a solid masonry fireplace

• Full height refractory panels with radiused edges enhance the perception of a spacious, well-proportioned hearth area

• Large, sturdy log grates permit full use of the generous firebox

• Full perimeter nailing flange facilitates level installation

Chimney Components

The Condar Fireplace utilizes durable die-formed, snap-lock, wall chimney components (12" outside diameter, 8" flue diameter, and 1" clearance to combustibles) designed to facilitate easy installation between standard 16" framing — no cutting required.

Chimney terminations are available in a variety of styles, including round slip termination, pyramid slip termination, and round termination cap.

Elbows may be used to gain maximum flexibility during installation. Chimney specifications allow for up to four elbows (two sets) per system. Please refer to the height requirements below:

Minimum chimney height: 12' 6"
Minimum height with one set of elbows: 13' 6"
Minimum height with two sets of elbows: 21'
Maximum chimney height: 60'