A Smart Solution for Today's Energy Efficient Home

Improved Air Quality ... More Heat ... Better Wood Ignition

For decades, fireplace owners have struggled with a difficult choice: The warm look of an open wood fire or the warm feel of a heated house closed off from outside air?

Now you can have both.

Condar has reinvented the traditional open fireplace, so you can enjoy a fire that actually delivers heat to your home.


Maybe you've suffered that cold blast of winter air when opening your fireplace doors to build a fire. Or huddled in a drafty living room as your heat disappears up the chimney. Or noticed the air in your home becoming stuffy and stale in the winter months. These familiar scenarios have long plagued homes with traditional wood-burning fireplaces ... And provided the inspiration for Condar's engineers to invent a practical alternative.


The patented technology of the Replenum heat recovery ventilator is the heart of the Condar Fireplace. The Replenum brings in outside air through an exterior vent, which is then heated by the fire, and delivered into your home. This way, only the stale air inside goes up the chimney. No heat is lost, and the energy of your fire is maximized. A fresh, cozy living room is just one of the many advantages of the Condar Fireplace.


• Economical — saves money on heating costs 
• Smokeless performance — guaranteed not to back-draft
• Fully automatic — uses heat sensor to start, stop, and change speeds
• Powered draft makes lighting your fire easier
• Replaces oxygen consumed by appliances, fans, and other exhaust sources
• Avoids unbalanced air problems in tightly-built modern houses
• Fireplace can be styled to fit virtually any decor
• And many more

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